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A Tip for New Administration Appointees

Improving Outcomes in Government through Data and Intelligent Automation

Pressure to do more with less, improve efficiency and reduce costs while meeting citizen needs is challenging government agencies. Intelligent Automation (IA) meets this challenge by transforming work while enabling the workforce to perform more effectively and efficiently.  Agencies are beginning to make IA fundamental to transforming workflows and achieving the mission.

The IBM Center for The Business of Government and the Partnership for Public Service recently hosted a panel event with three government innovators. The recent panel event and indivdual sessions hosted in 2020 (see below) highlight real cases and lessons learned that can help all agencies understand how best to apply emerging technologies.  Read our final report, our summary blogs, and watch the video replay of the sessions.



Business of Government Stories

The past 30 years provides important lessons both for today’s leaders and for those of future administrations. Little has been written about the role leaders and teams have played in the evolution of management reforms. Our “Business of Government Stories” series narrates the stories of many of the most influential events that have shaped government over the past generation. Our series focuses on the people behind this management evolution and features a podcast with reflections on the stories behind these reforms.

Read and listen to the stories.

Expert Insights: The Former Government Executives Council

The Former Government Executives Council provides insight and innovative ideas to improve government based on their past and extensive experience as senior officials at the Federal, State, and local levels. Learn more!

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Interviews with Leaders: The Business of Government Hour

Conversations with Leaders

A Conversation on the Cybersecurity Risks of Smart City Technologies
Stacie Whisonant, Innovation & Strategy Team Leader, Office of Federal Student Aid, Department of Education
A Conversation on Cybersecurity with Jim Sheire and Margie Graves

Executive Director's Corner

I recently wrote a blog post," A Peaceful Transfer of Power is the Foundation of Good Government where I discussed the relationship between the recent tragic events at the Capitol to the need for longer term trust in government as built by career civil servants who work to carry out the mission of their agencies, who every day perform countless tasks that bring needed benefits to the American people.  As the presidential transition proceeds, I wanted to highlight a few resources that remain top of mind:

Business of Government Stories- describing the management reforms of the last three decades with a focus on the leaders who made change happen, and lessons for leaders today.

Distance Work in the Time of COVID - a series on distance work from historical and current perspectives, summarized in a report.

Re-Thinking Government Management and Operations Given the Impact of COVID-19 - forthcoming essays on key topics resulting from our recent Challenge Grant competition. Read more about the topics and the authors.

Community Resilience and Reshaping Government during COVID - a series by Donald F. Kettl, Sid Richardson Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Measuring the Quality of Management in Federal Agencies - a report by James Thompson and Alejandra Medina, University of Illinois at Chicago that answers a perennial question about government - how well agencies manage their mission.  Stay tuned for a forthcoming Task Force report.

The Road to AGILE GOVERNMENT: Driving Change to Achieve Success - a report by Center Visiting Fellow Ed DeSeve that draws on lessons from agile software development across other key government functions and mission areas. The report describes the role of the Agile Government Center (AGC), a new initiative through the National Academy of Public Administration, in promoting agile practices across agencies.

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Dan Chenok Video

 This audio/video library provides perspectives on key government issues through appearances in a variety of media outlets.  Watch!

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